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    Garage Door Repair in South Ottawa

    We are a Professional Garage Door Repair Company in South Ottawa

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    Garage doors are the large entrance that leads to carports.

    These overhead doors have security and protection properties that keep houses and cars safe. There are two types of garage doors; the automatic and manual overhead doors.

    Both types operate in a simple way, it goes up and down.

    However, garage doors are made up of many materials, including pulleys, cables, and springs.

    In time, it will start to malfunction, not always due to negligence, but because of its aging parts.

    You can avail our services on garage door repair South Ottawa to do basic maintenance and do tune-ups.

    Garage Door Problems in South Ottawa

    There are common garage door problems.

    All of which our team is an expert of.

    Overhead doors have a tendency to deteriorate in time, and we understand that it can happen to anyone.

    An example of a common garage problem is when it is suddenly hard to manipulate the door to open and close.

    Another example is when it does not open at all.

    There are many factors as to why a garage door would start to malfunction.

    It can be the extension spring or torsion spring that is already aging.

    There’s also the factor of cables and pulleys suddenly snapping due to force.

    Instances when the garage mirrors are shattered due to accidents.

    Anything can go wrong with garage doors, even if you do basic maintenance.

    That is why it is important to have a trusted garage door service company number on your phone.

    Why you should opt for a Garage Door Repair Shop

    Garage doors can be tricky due to its many parts.

    Overhead doors tend to deteriorate as time goes by.

    After all, its average life span is to open 10,000 to 20,000 times.

    At some point, these doors will need to be tuned up.

    However, it is often discouraged to do these things on your own.

    That is because things can easily go wrong with fixing garage doors when you don’t have the knowledge or experience on tools and the process of reparation.

    Even when a person knows the basics, it is best to call those who are adept at repairing garage doors.

    Our trained technicians in South Ottawa will be happy to help you.

    We are confident in the skills of our team.

    What is the basic process of repairing a garage door?

    The process of tuning up an overhead door starts with a thorough inspection.

    A specialist will check every part of the garage door.

    Our team will evaluate all parts of the door to get to the root of the problem.

    After that, we will give you a detailed report for you to see what is wrong with your garage door and why it is suddenly acting up.

    The detailed report comes with a written estimate.

    We do an estimate on the spot so you will have an idea of how much the process costs and the duration of the reparation.

    When we get your approval, we then start the process of fixing your garage door.

    A simple procedure can take two hours, but difficult ones will have to be estimated.

    We reassure you that our technicians are experienced and have undergone a series of training to provide the best service.

    Once the job is done, we will show you the fixed garage doors.

    The technicians will explain the fixed parts.

    We will give you a bit of advice on how these problems can be avoided in the future and offer our maintenance service.

    We will make sure that you are satisfied with our services.

    Garage doors are not easy to maintain.

    You need to have basic knowledge, but that is not enough since garage door problems are always related to each other’s parts, and that can be confusing.

    Overhead doors need to be inspected from time to time to ensure that it works well and avoid problems in the future.

    That is why you should save the number of a trusted garage door repair shop.

    There is a reason why our garage door repair service ranks high in South Ottawa.

    We give you the best service at a reasonable price.

    Our company’s mission is to make the lives of homeowners easier.

    Call us for garage door maintenance and repair here in South Ottawa.

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