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    Repair and replacement of garage doors seem to be a common scenario. Upon evaluation, a lot of garage door rollers, hinges, and sensor repair problems would stem from lack of regular maintenance.

    In other words, these problems can actually be avoided from getting worse if you would know the tell-tale signs or red flags of common garage door problems.

    Aging Garage Door Rollers

    Yes, just like human bodies, garage door rollers and its mechanisms also gets old and can slow down or malfunction over time. Garage doors have a certain lifespan. Just imagine how many times the rollers would have to move up and down your garage. That would span like a thousand times or even more. We could lose count.

    This is where we lose count and it could be worn out in no time. It is recommended to have regular maintenance and also to replace rollers at least once every five years. This would help prevent any unnecessary and expensive repairs and replacements mainly because of breakage in your garage door rollers.

    Automatic Garage Door Won’t Close

    If you notice that the garage door doesn’t close, then you have to check on its safety sensors and see if they’re adjusted accordingly.

    The garage door actually has a large amount of foot traffic in your home because you and your family or guests would often use it as the main entrance. All too often, this is what usually triggers the safety sensors to move even when unnecessary.

    Rail Operator or Motor Not Lubricated

    Not all garage door openers are supposed to be lubricated. However, most garage door openers or motors need to be oiled up every one to two years.

    In addition, the screw drive operator rails and other components should be lubricated regularly. On the other hand, the belt drives and chain don’t need to be oiled up.

    Garage Door Motor Operator Not Adjusted Properly

    Garage door motors can lose its power or robust quality after some time. This is the ordinary wear and tear that any machine goes through.

    To fix this, all you have to do is adjust the limit switches of your garage door motors which can be found at the side of the machine.

    Failure to Lubricate Garage Door Hinge

    Lubricate and repeat. Yes, it’s crucial to regularly lubricate your garage door hinges to prevent breakage brought about by repetitive use.

    To do this, just use a lubricant like WD-40 and then spray it on for at least once a year for a quiet and smooth operation.

    Noisy Garage Door

    If you suddenly hear strange grinding, creaking, or squeaking noise emanating from your garage door then it must be time to oil up your garage door but be a little more careful when you do it on the moving parts or around the springs.

    Some other causes of a noisy garage door can be traced from old or worn-out cables and rollers. This could signal that it would need replacement immediately.

    However, if you are hearing loud banging on the garage door then this could mean you have a damaged spring and should be replaced right away.

    Garage Door is Stuck!

    If your garage door is sticking or has been completely stuck then the problem could be attributed from a damaged moving part or a broken track. So, you must inspect the wheel tracks carefully and check on any debris or obstructions and remove them so your garage door can open up smoothly.

    Your door could be sticking or like glued together because of lack of lubrication. In order to avoid problems like this, you need to have regular maintenance which would include applying lubrication on its moving parts.

    Cracks Or Gaps in the Garage Door

    Cracks and gaps in your garage door don’t just ruin the visual appeal of your home but this can also impact the security of your garage door. If you see cracks in your wooden doors and signs of wear and tear on your sealants then this should be replaced immediately.

    Garage Door Doesn’t Completely Close Up

    If you have an automatic door, the culprit could be your limit switch. So, if your garage door seems to be hitting the ground and it reverses back up then there could be some obstructions in the garage door’s way or maybe in the photo eye sensor. If you have a manually operated door then it could probably be worn parts or damaged cables.

    If your garage door seems sluggish then that could be a spring problem but can also be associated with other factors and you would need professional help from garage door specialists that can fix your Ontario garage door rollers, hinges, and sensory repair problems.

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