‘Summon’ self-parking feature added to Tesla Model 3 | CTV News

The latest upgrade to the Tesla Model 3 is a self-parking system called “Summon,” and it’s being delivered to cars in an over-the-air update.

As is the usual way of Tesla announcing things these days, the news was broken in a tweet on Tesla’s Twitter feed saying: “Summon [is] now available in Model 3.”

Summon is an autonomous-drive feature that allows the car to park itself without anyone having to be inside the car at all. This system means the car can slide into a garage space only a small amount wider than the car itself, with no need to worry about whether you can squeeze yourself in or out. Not only that, the system can also operate the garage door as it parks itself and powers down, or when its owner calls it out of its parking space.

The Model S and Model X have actually had this incredible feature for a while now, but Model 3 owners don’t have to take their car in to have it upgraded as it can be carried out using over-the-air software updates when the car is connected to the internet.

Updates such as this can take up to two hours to install, depending on the strength of the connection and the size of the update. But if you’re about to set off on an important journey in your Model 3 and see an update is ready to be installed you might want to wait until later as for safety reasons, the car won’t drive while an update is being installed.

Summon now available in Model 3 https://t.co/y2CORUAb3B

— Tesla (@Tesla) July 4, 2018

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