Surrey RCMP issue warning after spike in brazen break-and-enters – BC

Surrey RCMP say they have seen an increase in break-and-enters, many of which happen while people are asleep inside their homes.

RCMP said there were 26 break-and-enters in August and 24 last month, compared to 13 in July.

Edmonton police reiterate: don’t leave garage door openers in cars!

Edmonton police reiterate: don’t leave garage door openers in cars! – Oct 25, 2018

Police said many of the break-ins occurred while residents were at home, often during the hours of 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.

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The majority of the break-ins occurred after thieves get a garage door opener from vehicles parked in the driveway. Once inside the garage, they get into the house through unlocked doors or by finding a spare key.

Garage break and enters up 73% over 5 years: Edmonton police

RCMP are offering the following tips to secure their home:

  • do not keep a garage…

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