The ups and downs of keeping garage door maintenance on track

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Check on garage doors every year as part of annual maintenance

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Cindy Stephen  •  for the Calgary Herald Keep your garage door running smoothly with regular checks and maintenance. Photo by David Papazian /Getty Images/iStockphoto

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The day you realize you’ve neglected your overhead garage door is the day it refuses to open, with your car trapped inside.

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It’s easy to ignore the warning signs, like shaking, squealing and random hesitation, because you only notice when you’re driving in or backing out, usually in a rush.

Adding the garage door to the annual home maintenance check list can save frustration and keep it operating safely, too.

Older doors can fall off the tracks or become unbalanced. Excessive noise is an indicator of an aging motor. Typical garage doors have a 15- to 30-year lifespan, so replacement of garage door of that vintage may be more feasible than repairing it.

Whether street or lane-facing, today’s garage doors are more attractive and durable, available in wood, wood composites, steel, vinyl and fibreglass. They come in a variety of R-values, depending on the level of insulation required. Most significantly, the technology behind modern garage door openers makes them more safe and secure than ever before.

In 1993, safety sensors became an industry standard, preventing doors from closing on anything obstructing its path. Since…

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