Wasteland 3 review: “A terrifically executed RPG that rewards player investment”

I found the Provost in a storage unit beneath a shopping mall. The Warrens, a subterranean space under the Bizarre bazaar, had been taken over by the Payasos – a violent gang in clown masks who love nothing more than strapping dynamite to a pig and lighting a match. After defeating a group of them, I used my lockpicking skill to open a garage door. The Provost, who I had never seen or heard about prior to this moment, stood there expectantly. He greeted me in Latin, but Wasteland 3 provided no option to speak with him further. I shrugged and left.

Fast Facts: Wasteland 3

(Image credit: Deep Silver)

Release date: August 28
Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC
Developer: InXile Entertainment

I returned to the Bizarre to turn in my quest. And while getting patched up by the local doctor, I spotted the Provost running across the screen. Later, while walking through Denver — an area separated by miles of hostile terrain — the Provost showed up, wandering near my squad. Hours later, while taking on one of Wasteland 3’s many factions, the Provost took up arms for my cause and fell in battle. We had only ever spoken in a language that was dead long before the bombs fell.

I still don’t know what the Provost’s whole deal was. That’s part of the beauty of Wasteland 3, the newest entry in the Fallout-inspiring isometric RPG series. There is more going on beneath the surface than players will ever see. It remembers your choices, and builds on them in surprising ways. It…

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