Water from burst water main in Langford ‘looked like a tsunami coming toward our house’

The water gushed into Gail Kendall’s Langford home, coming in through the garage door, flooding bedrooms, ruining stored sentimental items and Christmas decorations.

“It was just puking water out, just puking everywhere,” said Kendall, who lives on Strathmore Road. “I screamed to my husband ‘water, water.’ He came downstairs and it was awful. We opened the front door and it literally looked like a tsunami coming towards our house.”

A Capital Regional District water distribution main broke about 8 p.m. Tuesday on Strathmore at Goldstream Avenue, flooding houses, townhouses, the ground floor of a condominium building, and several businesses. An underground parking garage was also flooded.

A B.C. Transit bus was brought in to provide shelter for people forced from their homes who didn’t have alternate accommodation. Some went to hotels, others bunked with neighbours while others stayed up most of the night to sort out their insurance and immediate remediation work.

“When you see that amount of water coming at you it’s terrifying,” said Kendall, whose 69-year-old mother, undergoing cancer treatments, had to be escorted out of the home by firefighters.

Repair crews managed to turn off the flow about 9 p.m.

“We looked outside and it was just a river of water — it was a river going down the road and into our house,” said Gail’s husband, Todd Kendall. “It was like we were in a movie. It still hasn’t really sunk in.”

The couple…

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