What to look out for before buying a Garage Door Opener Replacement

You should never make a mistake of going out to purchase a new garage door opener before you first go over some of the basic needs. You might not even know what you require when it comes to extension kits, power, safety features or the installation. The following are some of the things you need to know:

How much horsepower does your opener for the new garage door needs to be?

The horsepower amount you require depends on the largeness and heaviness of your garage door. If you have a garage door that is over 20 inches in width, then you will require a ½ horsepower opener at the very least. You need to also keep in mind that the speed at which the garage door will close and open based on the opener’s horsepower. To speak generally, it will be best to go for a garage door opener that is a little bit overpowered for your door versus an under-powered one. An opener on average can be in a position of lifting a garage door at about  6 inches to 8 inches every second.

Extension kits for the taller doors

A1 Garage door do utilize rail extension kits which are mostly utilized on doors which are higher than the standard 7 feet height. The reason of purchasing an extension kit is to make sure that the opener for the garage door will be in a position of handling the tall doors. Most of the door openers on the market currently is designed to work with a standard 7 inch garage door so ensure that you spend the extra $50, getting an extension if your door happens to be larger.


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