Garage Door Maintenance: 4 Tips For a Long Life

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    Garage Door Maintenance

    Your garage door is one of the best features of your home. Frankly put, it isn’t like your any ordinary inside your homes.

    It should be made of sturdy materials designed the outlast different elements and extreme weather.

    Other garage doors support energy-saving technology, and some other doors also have insulation, which keeps them fresh during scorching hot summer days, and the warmth during blustery cold winters.

    Besides the features mentioned above, your garage door also provides reliable security for your home and family.

    Since it is built with durable materials, you can rely on your garage door to prevent possible forcible entry and robbery.

    However, with those many advantages and benefits offered by your garage door, it is also crucial that you observe proper care and maintenance.

    Anything that falls short of the required support can lead to pain in the neck.

    If you have not been following the necessary maintenance and care, chances are you shorten the lifespan of your garage door.

    You also leave your garage door vulnerable and more prone to malfunctioning and eventually being broken.

    To keep your garage door in its best condition, here are four essential garage door maintenance tips you should try.

    Lubricate gears and moving parts

    To keep the moving parts and gears in its best condition, you must lubricate them. Make sure you grease the gears at least once a year.

    Make sure to spray on the chains of the garage door opener, drive screw, and the hinges, rollers, and tracks.

    If your garage door is making a screeching noise whenever used, it is highly likely the moving parts are not lubricated.

    This makes it hard for the moving parts to move flawlessly. Most homeowners disregard the screeching sound their garage doors make.

    Little do they know that this would lead to more significant problems.

    It’s also necessary that you note what lubricant is the most fitting for your garage door.

    While there may be particular recommendations and suggestions from your garage door experts, you should make a mental note never to use WD-40 on your garage door.

    This spray is meant for cleaning rust that built up instead of lubricating.

    Instead of WD-40, you should opt for a silicone spray or a white lithium grease instead.

    Replace weatherstripping

    The rubber seal attached to the bottom of your garage door serves many benefits to your home.

    For one, it is a nifty way of saving energy costs. It can also keep your garage from harsh elements such as dirt, debris, rain, or snow.

    The rubber seal on the bottom of the garage door, which is also called the weatherstripping, can also prevent your home from pests, insects, and rodents.

    However, due to normal wear and tear, the weatherstripping on the bottom of your garage door can also decay as it is usually exposed to external elements.

    If it is already broken, it leaves a small space on your garage door for foreign objects to enter your garage.

    Broken weatherstripping can lead to accidents inside your garage.

    As soon as you notice puddles, or rusting around the door, or some pesky pests entering the garage, it’s high time that you replace the rubber seal on your garage door.

    So long as you do it correctly and with the right materials and products, you can relax knowing that you are preserving your garage door’s lifetime.

    Test the auto-reverse function of your garage door

    The auto-reverse feature of your garage door is a safety feature; the door automatically moves upward when it detects an object under it as it is closing.

    You want this feature always to be working to prevent any accidents or severe injuries among your kids or pets.

    Make sure you conduct annual testing of the auto-reverse function.

    You can perform this test by placing a block of wood or a block of wood underneath your garage door to test if it can detect the objects.

    Try placing a limb through the photo-sensitive beam as it closes.

    The photo-sensitive beam should also be able to identify if there are any objects within its view.

    If your garage door is at least 20 years old, it likely does not have this function.

    Consider calling your garage door repair company for an updated replacement.

    If you live Ontario, or anywhere else in Ottawa, like Kanata or Orléans, you can look up reputable garage door repair companies to attend to your installation.

    Clear out the tracks

    Keeping the tracks of your garage door is also primary maintenance. Make sure that you keep it spotless and clean.

    If there’s dust or debris on the trails, be mindful not to apply water or any cleaning product. Instead, you can wipe it off with a piece of cloth.

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