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    Garage Door Repair Orleans Ottawa

    Garage doors are an integral part of every property, providing both security and convenience. However, like any other mechanical system, they are susceptible to damage and wear over time. This article provides insights into the costs associated with garage door repair services in Orleans, focusing on the most common repairs and popular brands.

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    Common Garage Door Repairs and Costs

    Several factors influence the cost of garage door repairs, including the nature of the problem, the type of garage door, the required replacement parts, and the repair company’s rates. Below, we’ve listed the most common garage door problems and their average repair costs in Canada:

    1. Spring Replacement: A broken garage door spring is one of the most common repair needs. Depending on whether it’s a torsion spring or an extension spring, you can expect to pay between $100 to $200 for professional replacement.
    2. Cable Replacement: Garage door cables are crucial for smooth operation but can snap or fray over time. Cable replacement typically costs around $150 to $200.
    3. Roller Replacement: Damaged garage door rollers can impede the door’s movement, making it noisy or jerky. Roller replacement usually costs between $100 to $180.
    4. Track Adjustment/Replacement: Garage door tracks are critical components that guide the door in its vertical or horizontal movement. When these tracks become misaligned, bent, or damaged, it may cause the door to operate poorly or not at all. The cost of adjusting or replacing garage door tracks varies from $125 to $200, depending largely on the severity of the issue and the labor involved. More details on how to adjust garage door tracks are provided by Garage Door Pros Ontario.
    5. Panel Replacement: Damaged or dented panels can impair not only the aesthetics of your garage door but also its functionality. Replacing a single panel can cost anywhere from $250 to $800, depending on the type and design of the door. It’s important to note that if multiple panels are damaged, it may be more cost-effective to replace the entire door. For more information on how to fix a dented garage door, visit Garage Door Pros Ontario.

    Garage Door Brands and Their Common Repairs

    There are numerous garage door brands available in Canada, each with its unique features and potential repair issues. Some of the most popular brands include Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Stanley, Genie, and Craftsman.

    • Chamberlain: Known for its smart garage door openers, common issues with Chamberlain doors include malfunctioning sensors and remote control issues. Learn more about Chamberlain garage door opener installation from Garage Door Pros Ontario.
    • LiftMaster: LiftMaster is renowned for its innovative and reliable garage door openers. However, problems may arise with the motor, remotes, or gear kit. For detailed instructions on how to solve common issues, check out Garage Door Pros Ontario’s guide on LiftMaster garage door opener troubleshooting.
    • Stanley: Stanley is a trusted name in the industry, producing both garage doors and openers. Their products are generally reliable, but issues can occur with the door’s balance or the opener’s drive gear. Learn more about Stanley garage door maintenance from Garage Door Pros Ontario.
    • Genie: Known for their advanced technology and user-friendly features, Genie’s garage door openers can sometimes experience problems with their limit switch or circuit boards. Check out the guide on Genie garage door opener repair for more details.
    • Craftsman: Craftsman garage doors and openers are valued for their durability and ease of use. However, they can encounter issues with the door opener’s motor or the remote control. For tips on how to fix these issues, refer to Craftsman garage door troubleshooting on the Garage Door Pros Ontario website.


    Garage door repairs can range from simple fixes to more complex replacements. Knowing the common issues and their associated costs can help you make informed decisions when it comes to maintaining your garage door. However, it’s always advisable to consult with professionals when dealing with garage door issues, as incorrect repairs can lead to more significant problems down the line. Always refer to trusted sources like Garage Door Pros Ontario for your repair needs.

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