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    Garage Door Repair in Nepean

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    Garage doors function in two ways; up and down.

    The pandemic has forced people not to use their garage for a long time.

    The inactivity, and probable lack of maintenance, can cause the garage door to stop working properly.

    There are many factors as to why a garage door malfunctions.

    Automatic garage doors are not an exception, especially with technology in the mix.

    That is why it is a must to inspect and do diligent maintenance to keep your garage doors in check.

    Basic Garage Door Maintenance

    The basic maintenance of overhead doors starts with the inspection.

    Observe the door, including the remote.

    Touch what you are familiar with and do not attempt to do a project out of something you are unfamiliar with.

    To keep your garage door in good shape, check the settings periodically.

    Lubricate the moving parts of the door, such as the rollers and hinges.

    That will prevent the moving parts from dying out.

    Also, remove debris that tends to build upon any part of the door.

    The sensor beams, photo-eye, cables, and wires should be cleaned with a cloth.

    Do not use water to clean these.

    Instead, opt for wiping it with a dry cloth or vacuuming at the lowest setting to not disturb the placing of each part.

    Now that you know basic maintenance, it is time to enumerate the issues that can cause the garage door to malfunction.

    Common Garage Door Problems in Nepean

    Interrupted Signal

    When the door is not opening when you press the button, there are two root causes.

    One is that there’s something wrong with the transmitter or your remote.

    The frequency from your remote will send a signal through the transmitter for the door to open. There might be something blocking the antenna from receiving the signal.

    There must be a debris build-up causing the antenna to malfunction, or something is physically blocking the antenna.

    There’s also the possibility of the antenna being knocked off and broken.

    You can clean the antenna or remove anything that blocks the signal.

    However, if the antenna is broken, it needs to be checked by a professional.

    If you live in Nepean, we do antenna replacement and other garage door repair services.

    If it is the remote that is the one that’s glitching, check your batteries first.

    Replace it if need be.

    When you do that, and it still doesn’t work well, then clean the remote.

    There might be something stuck in between the crevices that causes the remote to stop working properly.

    If you do these and nothing changes, call for help.

    Noisy Rollers and Hinges

    When the garage door makes strange sounds, it is time for a tune-up.

    The noise may be caused by dry rollers and hinges.

    There’s an easy fix to that.

    Lubricate the problem areas properly, and the rollers and hinges will work properly. However, if it still makes noise, inspect the rollers and hinges closely.

    Some parts of it may have been chipped off.

    That means that the rollers and hinges need to be replaced.

    Door limit settings are malfunctioning.

    When the overhead door does not open and closes properly, there might be something wrong with the limit settings.

    The settings may be outdated, or it isn’t set properly.

    The simple fix to this is to reset the settings or update it.

    That means that you will need to readjust the limit settings manually.

    If the safety sensors are flashing, use the emergency latch to switch the garage door on manual mode.

    The process will be tedious as you need to adjust things little by little so as not to cause the settings from worsening.

    Overall, maintenance keeps garage door problems at bay.

    However, it is inevitable.

    You will face problems sooner or later.

    With that being said, you will need to equip yourself with knowledge of overhead doors.

    That will simplify the process without having to ask for assistance all the time.

    Always observe your garage door to keep it in top shape.

    For convenience and safety, leave the garage door reparation on professional technicians.

    We encourage learning garage door problems and tuning up problems that are too complex.

    If you live in Nepean, you may contact us for maintenance and repairs.

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