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    When it comes to a garage door repair in Ottawa, It’s better you call an expert.

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    Garage Door Repair Barrhaven

    Barrhaven Garage Door Services

    Overhead doors tend to malfunction due to how often it is used and even when it is not in use.

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    Maintenance is required to keep doors working well and dandy.

    That only minimizes things from going wrong.

    These days, most garage doors are automatic.

    More things can go wrong with it from transmitters to the door itself.

    In Barrhaven, our service includes doing maintenance and tune-ups to keep your garage doors function with ease.

    All You Need to Know About Your Garage Door

    A garage door is an entry for cars and automobiles that secures the place when it is not in use.

    Typically, garage doors are made of aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl.

    These are the materials that make the doors heavy-duty.

    Garage doors can be made up of single or double panels.

    Single panel garage doors are garage designed to go up and down.

    For a single panel door to open, there must be nothing in front of it to obstruct the door from rising.

    You will need to park your car a few feet away for the door to open outward.

    Sectional garage doors are usually made up of three to eight panels.

    You can place the car in front of the door as it opens as it rises upward.

    Roller doors are the type of overhead door to roll itself up and down literally.

    Most of the time, these doors are made of corrugated steel.

    Common Garage Door Problems in Barrhaven

    There are garage door problems that you can fix, but some should not even be attempted at all.

    Reopening Door

    When the garage door is halfway closed but stops and reverses, that is a sign that there is something amiss with the auto-reverse function.

    Weather disruptions can cause the sensor to malfunction.

    That or there is something disrupting the signal of the opener and your remote control.

    The easy remedy of the malfunctioning auto-reverse function is to clean the debris on and around the sensor.

    The debris could have caused the sensor to misalign from its usual place.

    A misaligned sensor beam will flash on its own, and you can simply put it back in place.

    If it regards your remote control, check if your remote and garage sensors are at the same frequency.

    The reason behind the door opening on its own or opening halfway can be attributed to another neighbor’s remote control if it runs in the same frequency.

    That can cause your door to open when you pushed it close.

    Also, check if there’s something that obstructs the sensor from receiving the signal.

    Maintain your remote’s cleanliness and battery efficiency.

    Frozen Garage Doors

    Winter is coming, and cold weather is a threat.

    Overnight, the weather will freeze the door shut to the ground. When that happens, it’s not only the garage door that’s frozen.

    Some of its parts, such as springs, cables, and opener, must have frozen too.

    If that is the case, then you should not attempt to repair it.

    Call a technician to defrost everything as simply striking or using tools to melt the ice may cause adverse effects on the overhead door.

    Another thing that can go wrong with frozen doors is the motors.

    When the motors and rollers emit a sound when it works, that is a sign that you should reach out to a professional.

    They will lubricate the motors and rollers and remove any ice that may have blocked these from running.

    Snapped or Worn Out Cables

    When the garage door springs break, that can cause the cables to snap.

    Also, cables easily wear out when not maintained.

    These cables can harm your cars and garage door, so it should be fixed as soon as possible. You can do the installation by yourself, with the proper guidance of a professional.

    In Barrhaven, we can help you or do it for you.

    The need to repair garage doors can be prolonged through maintenance.

    Inspect your doors from time to time and clean it from any debris on every part.

    That will minimize the chances of your garage door malfunctioning.

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