Garage Door Making Noise? These Could be the Reasons

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    It is usual for a garage door to emit a noise when it is either opening or closing.

    However, there are some cases where garage doors in Ottawa issue different ones that mean or hints that something needs repair or replacement.

    If you live in Canada like in Ottawa City, the homeowners there are less likely to notice these types of noises because they’re not that noticeable, meaning that they’re too weak for human ears to hear from several feet away.

    When you come near them and focus on understanding, you’ll have a glimpse of what truly is happening.

    If you’re a homeowner in Ontario with a garage door, you should pay close attention to these noise emissions as they start to become familiar, especially for newer models.

    Below, we will discuss several distinct noise examples that mean trouble for your garage door.

    We go in-depth and provide possible solutions if you don’t know what to do next as well.


    When you hear a grating sound, there is a high chance that several spring coils are bent inside of the mechanism.

    While it is a pretty rare occurrence, equipment failure is sometimes the case, so make sure that you inspect your garage doors regularly to prevent this one from happening.


    Ontario and Ottawa household owners may also experience squealing, a sign a garage door is out of balance.

    With enough strength and knowledge, you can easily remove the squealing sound.

    Still, professional services may help quickly fix this problem if you’re not confident enough, so make sure that you have one that you are ready to contact if something terrible happens.


    If rollers or tracks are overused they are meant to produce grinding noises.

    Grinding prevention is possible with the maintenance or aid of an Ottawa garage door repair service provider.


    Loud banging noises are somewhat noticeable, and they are possibly signaling you that hinges and panels might need repairs or replacement.

    To prevent further damage, ensure that you get the materials out as soon as possible and replace them with a working one.


    Pulleys and rollers are other equipment that can be worn for long-term use.

    A ticking sound could quickly signal you with this type of problem.

    This particular sound can also become irritating at some point, especially if the part has sustained a lot of damage, so be sure to tend to it as soon as you have the chance.


    Rattling is a pretty familiar sound that is also evident in other machinery and equipment that require a mechanism to work.

    For garage door openers, this could mean that chains and support rails are either lose or require repositioning.

    While they are easy to locate, moving them from one place to another would require expertise, so make sure that you have enough knowledge if you’re going to DIY.


    A defective motor could produce a straining noise, which is something quite common for garage door openers.

    It doesn’t damage the whole equipment; however, it is better to have it checked as soon as possible to reduce costs and further maintenance requirements.


    With a simple DIY or professional check-up, you can understand what parts and materials are needed to treat these issues.

    Ensure that you are ready for what to come next, especially with how things are in Ottawa right now; costs, time, and further maintenance issues.

    You may also seize the opportunity and ask the professionals what measures you can take to prevent such noises from appearing once again, as they aren’t just annoying, but they are also costly to deal with.

    With so many garage door service providers in different states, it is a sure thing that you can find someone that can solve your problem, often at lower costs!

    It is essential to note that these noises are hard to detect and are often misdiagnosed.

    Take your time and listen carefully to what the sound possibly entails to avoid further costs and damages.

    If you doubt your judgment, you may also hire experts themselves to have a more accurate diagnosis.

    If DIY isn’t your thing, local garage door specialists may be of help as they are well-versed when it comes to fixing structural issues and even the mechanism that is inside the garage door.

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