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    Garage Door Off Track Repair Toronto Ottawa

    The garage door tracks keep your garage door in place.

    When the door goes off-track, many reasons may have caused it to do so.

    Fixing a track does not mean you just pop the door back in.

    Depending on the severity of the problem, all of which needs a proper diagnosis of a trained professional, parts of the track may need replacement.

    Here are some common reasons why garage doors come off track.

    Common reasons why Garage Doors come Off Track

    Dry Roller Bearings and Tracks

    The friction caused by opening and closing the door may cause the roller bearings and tracks to dry out.

    The weather can also be a factor in why these parts are drying out quicker than the rest.

    When your door produces screeching sounds, then the problem may be dry roller bearings and tracks.

    If that is the case, then the simple fix for that is adding grease.

    However, you do not just add any type of grease.

    The grease you need to use for your roller bearings and tracks are either silicone-based or lithium-based.

    To avoid this problem, you need to lubricate these parts quarterly to make sure it does not dry out again.

    Snapped Cables

    Snapped cables may have been caused by sudden force on the axles and pulleys holding the cables in place.

    When this happens, the lifting cables that keep the door in place have unequal tension.

    Time is also a factor, causing the cable to wear out quickly.

    The tension will cause the cable to snap in two and escape its spool, causing the door to escape from its track.

    When that happens, you will need to keep your garage door closed.

    There is nothing stopping it from crashing on anything beneath it.

    The only way to repair a snapped cable is to replace it, along with its summative parts.

    Broken/Worn Out Roller Bearings

    There are three types of roller bearings; steel, plastic, and nylon roller bearings.

    All of these bearings are prone to wearing out despite only functioning as rolling on its respective tracks.

    When something causes it to crack, for example, a stone or a car hit the door and caused the roller bearings to break, then it will escape its track.

    Broken roller bearings need to be replaced.

    Depending on the weight of the door, a professional will diagnose which type of roller bearing is best for it.

    Replacing it on your own is not generally encouraged due to the complex wiring that can end up electrocuting you.

    A Misaligned Track

    There are several reasons why the track becomes misaligned.

    Roller bearings may have escaped from the tracks, causing the tracks to be distorted.

    Another reason can be a car hitting the garage door, with force causing the door to escape the track.

    When that happens, the track braces the brunt, and it becomes misaligned.

    There are several factors to consider with a misaligned track.

    A professional can simply do realignment if the damage is light.

    However, if the tracks are misshapen and already impede the door’s function, it will need a full replacement.

    Broken Torsion Spring

    The torsion spring contracts and coils around the torsion shaft as the door opens and closes.

    It is what enables you to open and close the door.

    When the door is suddenly off-track due to a broken torsion spring, you will feel resistance when you open the door.

    First of all, if this happens, do not open or close the door anymore.

    A broken torsion spring is a safety hazard.

    The torsion spring, once broken, cannot be repaired or put back together.

    The reparation process is to replace both torsion springs.

    Both springs need to be replaced so that it can start with equal tension.

    Garage doors come off of its track for a multitude of reasons.

    It can be a simple fix that you can do on your own to more drastic cases that require complete replacements.

    We encourage you to save the number of a local garage door repair service near you.

    We at Garage Door Repair Pros Ottawa aim to Fix and Go, making garage door ownership convenient for you.

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