Garage Door Safety Sensors Explained

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    Maintaining Your Garage Door

    Garage Door Safety Sensors – When manufacturers decided to build safety sensors on the garage doors, many lives were saved.

    These helped lessen accidents and injuries, especially in children. If you are having trouble with it, make sure to call a repair company now.

    These issues are not a joke. Doors that suddenly opened or closed without any reason is dangerous.

    People decide to install garage doors because they want to protect their families and belongings.

    The entry will stand-in for those who would want to do something terrible like burglary.

    With this, there are many reasons why your safety could be suddenly at stake.

    Here are the most common reasons why your doors in Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, and Ontario would not work.

    How safety sensors work will also be explained so you would have more knowledge about it. In this way, you will always be safe and sound under your roof.

    What is a garage door safety sensor?

    According to the Precision of Fresno, safety sensors are made to avoid accidents since the Government mandated it last 1993 to garage door manufacturers.

    These are specifically designed in electronic ones.

    So far, many families have been kept away from the property to people’s accidents.

    Even animal wellbeing was spared from its use.

    Traditional doors do not have safety sensors.

    These still have mechanical ones and not as precise as the new designs.

    As of now, thousands of homeowners have shifted to the more convenient door from its old versions.

    The photoelectric sensor was one of its main reasons.

    The sensors are placed 6 feet above the ground to the garage door. These are on either side and aligned to meet.

    Its infrared beam works as a spy for moving objects nearby. It can detect anything from people down to different items.

    When it does, it will suddenly stop working to make way for the detected object.

    You can bring it back to its original position by pulling a lever on the main door.

    How does a garage door sensor work further?

    Garage door safety sensors are again light beams used to detect objects under the entry.

    Here are two boxes for the light beam, one is on the right as a transmitter and the other on the left as the recipient.

    If you are wondering, it is not visible to the naked eye. You will not see any red or green light when you walk near your doors.

    When the photosensor senses something, it will send a signal to the door controller to stop working.

    Your remote control also has something to do with the safety sensors.

    You can activate it on your control when you click it to open or close the door.

    If there is a time that this would not happen, you might be experiencing troubles.

    Better call a garage door repair immediately!

    How to know if my safety sensor is not working well?

    Automated Doors System has some tips when it comes to knowing if your garage door sensor works well or not. For the symptoms to check on, you need to call a technician if your door does the following:

    1. Stops midway and do reversals
    2. Sensors flashes lights
    3. Stuck when opening
    4. The door does not work at all

    These three are the most common things you need to watch out about your safety sensors.

    When these happen, you are having technical problems. Wear and tear might be the reason why.

    Doors frequently use bound to wear out. It is the same with anything we use daily. It is all about overuse.

    Another matter that you can check about your door is any obstruction.

    You might not have noticed it, but there might be something nearby causing the problem.

    Check for pets or things in the area. Clear it.

    To address the more severe problem, do not use your door yet.

    Grab the phone now and call a garage door technician.

    You either have a minor or significant problem depending on the actual issue your door has.

    It could cost you $100 to $500, so better be prepared on it.

    Do not worry; it is better than be in danger. In the end, you will have the peace of mind to use the door again.

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