How To Fix A Garage Door Off Track

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    How To Fix A Garage Door Off Track

    Thanks to the roller tracks that guide your door, your garage door does not jiggle as it opens and closes.

    These tracks work together with your garage door opener to allow your door to move up and down with ease.

    In case your garage door has gone off-track, you can expect to experience a few issues.

    Your door can shake a lot as it moves.

    It could also get bent or damaged if you continue operating it.

    In the worst-case scenario, your off-track garage door may even stop working.

    It can get stuck unexpectedly, leaving you with a partially open garage.

    Thus, you need to remedy the situation at the first signs of it.

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    How Does a Garage Door Go Off-track?

    There are many reasons why your garage door can be off track.

    One of the most common ones is when your door has suffered a heavy impact.

    You probably have hit your door with your car, that’s why the rollers were pushed out of the tracks.

    Or, it could also be because other parts of your door are damaged and defective.

    Your garage door rollers could go out of their tracks if you have:

    • Bent or obstructed roller tracks
    • Loose hardware
    • Worn out rollers
    • Damaged doors; and/or
    • Broken spring or cable system

    How to Put Your Garage Door Back on its Tracks

    If your garage door rollers simply went off-course, you need to put the wheels back inside the tracks. Here’s how to fix a garage door off track:

    1. Disconnect your garage door opener so you can manually operate your garage door.
    2. Manually open your door, and secure it in place with locking pliers.
    3. Try bending the tracks, and see if you could force the rollers back in.
    4. If step 3 didn’t work, you could loosen the bolts mounting your track. That way, you’d be able to move it and put the wheels back inside it.
    5. Another method you could do is to open the track with a pair of pliers. Insert the wheels inside, and then close the track using a small mallet.
    6. Open and close your door manually to see it moves smoothly.
    7. Reconnect the garage door opener and check the automatic operation of your door.

    Fixing an Off-track Garage Door with Other Hardware Issues

    If other hardware parts of your garage door are damaged, you need to find them out, so you could fix the root cause of the problem.

    That way, you could troubleshoot your off-track door effectively.

    At the same time, you’ll also fix other areas that need repair.

    If you have bent or damaged roller tracks, worn-out rollers, broken springs, or damaged door panels, you need to replace them with new hardware.

    In case of a bent or loose roller track, you may only need to reshape and adjust your track, so it can function properly.

    Furthermore, your garage door rollers could go off track if their path was obstructed.

    Consequently, you need to clean your tracks and remove any debris inside them.

    While you’re at it, lubricate your rollers and tracks to improve their movement.

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