How To Open Garage Door Manually

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    How To Open Garage Door Manually

    Most homeowners are wondering how they can open their garage door in case of a blackout.

    Knowledge of opening your garage door is essential, especially if bad weather is approaching and you’re on your way home.

    Since your garage door is power-operated, it won’t open unless you manually open your garage door.

    As a result, you cannot park your car inside.

    This article will give you tips on how to open your garage door manually.

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    Here are some ways to access your garage from the inside:

    Detach the opener

    Make sure that you unlink the power cord first to the garage door opener.

    Look for the reserve release cord

    Find the reserve release cord that hangs and has a red handle from the middle of the automatic door lock.

    This cord binds to the wheelbarrow, which links your garage door arm to the center track.

    However, you should use this backup handle in case you cannot open your automatic door.

    Disconnect the cord

    Draw the backup handle in case of emergency.

    This cord should detach your automatic door from the trolley, which allows you to open it manually.

    Pull up your automatic door

    you should lift your door from the bottom until it stops moving.

    But make sure it stays in its place before you back your car out of the garage.

    Lock your garage door- When you finally made it outside, drag the door down by your hands and lock it again.

    Also, you could manually slide your door to close if you have a lock bar.

    Gaining Access To Your Garage Door From The Outside

    In case you cannot access your automatic door from the outside because of a sudden blackout.

    Here are some tips from our technician to enter your garage.

    Look For The Secondary Release Kit

    You should find this backup kit in case of an emergency lockout.

    You may locate a tiny lock at the center peak of your garage door.

    This lock contains an emergency cable that you can release.

    However, you need a particular key to open the lock and release the cable.

    Open The Backup Release Cord

    After you acquire the specific key, put it inside the lock and draw out the tumbler to release the cable.

    This cord will activate the release mechanism so that you can operate it manually.

    Unlatch The Automatic Door

    Another tip is to find the other lock near the handle that keeps the door closed all the time.

    Pull down the emergency kit to release it.

    By using this method, you could manually open your garage door.

    Establish A Protective Measure For Manually Opening Your Garage Door

    It is essential to establish a safety measure for manually opening an automatic door.

    By doing this, you can ensure your safety when it comes to lifting your heavy door.

    Here are some safety tips we can give to you:

    Loose garage door opener – Loosening your automatic door opener will keep you from harm.

    That’s because if the power comes back, the opener might try to unlock the door while disorganized.

    Consider calling an expert – If you disassemble the trolley and the automatic door, it is difficult for you to move.

    So, we recommend contacting an expert in gaining access to your garage door.


    Now you know the tips on how to open your door manually, you should practice this if a blackout occurs.

    It’s always better to have an idea of how you can manually unlock your garage door in case of a power shutdown.

    If you don’t know how to open your garage door manually, call Garage Door Repair Pros Ottawa for any door repair and installation.

    We offer efficient and dependable garage door services for both residential and commercial establishments.

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