What’s Wrong With Your Garage Door Track?

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    Can’t Open The Garage Door?

    Is your garage door not working? This may be because the garage door tracks are loose.

    For your garage door to easily slide up and down, the rollers should be appropriately placed on two tracks.

    They also run from top to bottom of the garage door.

    These tracks are designed to help the garage door to move smoothly and flawlessly.

    So if you notice that your garage door moves roughly or creates a noise when moving, there must be a problem with the tracks.

    One of the common issues with the garage door tracks is that they are not properly aligned.

    To know if there is a problem with your garage door tracks, try running it first to identify if the issues are with the tracks.

    If it is the case, here are easy steps that you can try at home to fix your garage door tracks.

    No need to be a gearhead, you just need the right tools, and you are good to go.

    Loosen the screws on your track

    If you already ran a test and you are pretty convinced that the problem is with your garage door tracks, try loosening the screws with a screwdriver.

    Adjust the position of the tracks

    After loosening the screws on the garage door tracks, try adjusting them.

    It’s ideal that you do this with a rubber mallet.

    If there are mispositioned garage door tracks, use the rubber mallet against it.

    Make sure that the tracks are vertical and aligned with the garage door.

    To ascertain that your garage door tracks are vertically aligned, you can use a spirit level.

    Tighten the screws back

    If you are convinced with how you straightened the tracks, place the screws back and tighten them correctly.

    When you tighten the screws, make sure that they are fastened enough to prevent them from moving.

    Adjust the other garage door track

    After rectifying the garage door tracks, make sure you do this to the other one as well. You just have to do the same steps.

    First, loosen the screws with a screwdriver, then align them with a rubber mallet and a spirit level to ensure that they are positioned vertically.

    Use the rubber mallet to tap the bottom of the tracks and make sure they are correctly aligned.

    Typically, after following these four easy steps, your garage door should be running as if it were new.

    However, there may be other issues with your tracks that could prevent your garage door from functioning smoothly.

    Adjust the garage door tracks to prevent rubbing against the molding

    If you already tried doing the four steps mentioned above, yet the garage door tracks are still not working correctly, it may be because the garage tracks run against the rubber molding.

    To quickly fix this, follow these three easy steps to prevent the garage door tracks from rubbing against the rubber molding.

    Firstly, loosen the track bolts with a wench. Make sure you adjust the door gap.

    You also want to adjust the tracks appropriately, depending on the distance required for the gap.

    When leaving a gap, note that it should measure at least a quarter-inch between the stop molding and the gap.

    You should also be mindful of the measurement of the opposite track.

    Remember, the size of the gaps on both sides should be identical.

    After doing the steps mentioned above, make sure you tighten the bolts using a wench.

    Don’t forget this part, but also be careful that you do not overtighten the screws and bolts when securing them.

    Always bear in mind that a garage door, while offers multiple benefits and conveniences, still requires proper care and maintenance.

    Being knowledgeable with instant repairs could help maintain your garage door in its best condition.

    If you followed all these steps, yet your garage door is still not working properly, this may be an indication that you should start contacting garage door repair companies.

    They are more capable and competent to fix any of your garage door companies.

    If you are located in Ottawa, Ontario, Kanata, or the Orléans, there are many reliable and credible garage door repair companies.

    But before you contract their repair services, it’s also vital that you conduct a background search to ensure that they are reliable garage door repair companies.

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