How to Prevent Water From Entering Your Garage

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    How to Prevent Water From Entering Your Garage

    How to Prevent Water From Entering Your Garage – During rainy seasons, it is a real pain when floods enter the picture.

    Our garage is the sanctuary of our vehicles and storage items we want to be kept safe from harm.

    Garage doors keep the garage safe and secure from external forces.

    They serve as the protector of whatever is inside the space they are covering.

    In a sense, they keep away unwanted visitors such as animals, criminals, and even water.

    It is not new for water to raid the garage during floods.

    The surge of the unwanted liquid substance may damage whatever it is inside without us knowing, especially in the middle of the night.

    It can also result in unwanted garage door repairs.

    There should be something that you can do for your garage door to prevent this, right?

    For those in the areas of Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, or Ontario, worry no more.

    Here are seven tips on how to prevent water from entering your garage.

    Examine the drainage in the area

    In order to keep water out of the garage, you should make sure to prevent the flooding first.

    Inspect the drainage around the area of your home and the garage door.

    It is better to have a more efficient drainage system that will keep water out.

    Repairing it and possibly considering a replacement will do wonders.

    Inspect the foundation

    Take a look at the condition of the garage and the driveway’s foundation.

    If there are any cracks, it can cause water to seep through the driveway and into the garage.

    Have it repaired right away to prevent future accidents that might cause far worse problems for your garage and its door opener.

    Install vents in the garage

    This is one way to make sure that even if water enters your garage, it will go right away.

    Installing vents in your garage will ensure that there is a quick way for the flood to drain out upon entering.

    This is a safety precaution for when the unexpected happens and the water stubbornly still finds its way inside.

    Replace the weatherstripping

    Your garage door comes with a weatherstrip at the bottom that prevents the cold weather and the waters from entering.

    It provides a secure guarantee that even the daylight cannot penetrate.

    It can also be subjected to wear and cracks, causing a lot of trouble for homeowners.

    A garage door repair requires that you replace the weatherstripping once it is already worn out to keep the weather outside.

    Call for a repairman to replace the weatherstripping, or you can do it on your own with the right tools.

    Install a barrier

    For emergencies such as massive flooding, you won’t have time to inspect and examine things or even replace the weatherstripping.

    You can put a barrier between your garage door and the driveway to prevent any more water from entering.

    After the situation has been controlled, you can then call for help for any necessary garage door repairs.

    Check the floor seals

    Floor seals ensure that the garage door fits comfortably to the floor when closed.

    They are flexible and should extend from one side of the entrance to the other.

    They can also wear out in time and, when that happens, water can easily wreak havoc inside.

    Checking the garage door seals may prevent this from happening.

    If you notice any deterioration from the seals, call for repairs or replacements.

    Add some gutters

    Putting gutters up on garage doors can potentially stop water from seeping in.

    They can filter the rain from the top of the house and make sure it is released away from the garage door.

    Re-direction of the water is the best way to make sure no water can get near the garage.

    It is time-consuming and more expensive.

    However, it is entirely worth it in the long run.

    When you make sure that water is prevented from entering the garage, it can save a whole lot of problems.

    For one thing, garage door repairs are expensive.

    Remember to turn the power off too once there is a flood to prevent electrocution since automatic garage doors run on electricity.

    Garage Door Repairs FAQ

    How do I fix a garage door the keeps reopening?

    A garage door is programmed to travel a certain distance before it closes. If it closes before that distance has been traveled, it thinks something is wrong — and it reopens to help prevent any damage or safety risk. In cases such as this, most likely your garage door settings simply need to be adjusted.

    One garage spring broke. I have 2, should I replace both?

    Garage door springs should be replaced as a set. The reason is once one spring breaks, the other one is probably not far behind, especially considering how springs weaken over time. Combining a new spring with an older one will likely cause an imbalance in your garage door's operation. If you own 2 separate garage doors and only one spring has broken, it's strongly recommended to replace the springs on each door if their springs are around the same age. Depending on your door's position, when a spring breaks it can cause serious injury as well as damage your opener.

    How do you fix a stuck open garage door?

    First, check the track for obstructions. The area around the tracks needs to be completely clear. Second, check the remote; it could be a simple battery issue. If you still face an issue, manually unlock and gently try to close the door. If you still can’t find the problem, try giving us a call.

    Can I manually open my garage door?

    If your garage door does not open smoothly after pulling the releasing the cord, this could mean the door is off of its track, or the springs are broken. In either case, you should avoid trying to force the door open; doing so will only cause more damage.

    How hard is it really to replace a garage door?

    Installing a garage door isn't as simple as installing a regular door. More so, installing it incorrectly can be dangerous.

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