Broken Cables Keep Your Garage Door From Opening

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    Garage Door Cables

    Broken Cables Keep Your Garage Door From Opening

    There are many advantages to keeping a well-maintained garage door.

    For one, it can help keep your home safe from possible intruders and robbers.

    It can also prevent pesky rodents, insects, and pests from entering your garage and your home.

    Thanks to its durable materials, your garage door is designed to withstand strong elements and harsh weather.

    Other garage doors have insulating features that can help keep your garage neat and well-ventilated during hot summer days.

    As for winters, this particular feature can also keep your home and garage warm through its energy saving.

    Why having a garage is an advantage

    Your garage can also be a rather spacious area. Thus, most homes utilize their garages as storage rooms.

    You can store unnecessary things in your garage, especially those that are not needed for daily use.

    Observing proper maintenance for your garage door is necessary for optimal performance and functionality.

    However, many homeowners do not know how to properly conduct the maintenance required for the garage door’s preservation.

    Some may even shrug off some visible and noticeable dents on the garage door surface, squeaks, or other issues of the garage issues–a common mistake among homeowners, as disregarding these problems may lead to more significant issues.

    Non-observance of garage door maintenance can lead to eventual decay, and a broken garage door is detrimental to your home’s safety and security.

    Garage door cables

    It is vital to look through the parts to preserve your garage door in its best condition.

    Among the most crucial parts of a garage door for it to function are the garage door cables.

    These cables work with springs to enable the garage doors to open and close in a controlled manner.

    For it to operate, the garage door needs to exert extreme tension on the garage door cables.

    However, due to frequent use and ordinary wear and tear, your garage door cables can snap.

    Types of garage door cables

    Although they perform the same function, there are three different types of garage door cables.

    The first type of garage door cables is the torsion spring cables.

    These cables are mounted horizontally above the door opening.

    When your garage door is opened, the torsion springs unwind.

    They are responsible for lifting the garage door.

    Hence, the torsion springs must be kept in their best condition.

    If the torsion spring cables break and snap, the springs cannot unwind, preventing the garage door from opening effectively.

    The extension spring cables, on the other hand, are responsible for lifting the door.

    The extension spring mechanism relies on springs that are attached to the wires and as well as the bottom corners of the garage door.

    So in case of snapped cables, the extended springs will not be able to pull back into place the door.

    Lastly, safety cables are in charge of controlling the garage door from flying off when opening and closing.

    Keeping these cables in perfect condition is a must as they also serve as a precaution from possible accidents and injuries.

    The safety cables are mounted to the garage door track and particularly near the stationary pulleys.

    Usual garage door cable issues

    There is a multitude of possible reasons which cause your garage door cables to snap.

    Here is a list of common issues.

    Worn out cables are typical garage door problems, especially to older garage doors.

    A single cable is made up of various smaller wires and cables. Sometimes, these cables get frayed.

    Incorrect drum winding is also a common issue that contributes to your garage door’s possible reduced performance.

    This occurs when the cables wind around the drum incorrectly, which will eventually lead the door to jam.

    And as for unwound garage doors, it is essential to have them replaced by a garage door repair expert.

    Issues concerning garage door cables need to be replaced by an expert.

    It’s best to leave these with your trusted professional technicians since it requires a degree of expertise and specialized tools.

    If you live in Ottawa, Kanata, Orléans, or any other place near Ontario’s vicinity, there are many reputable and esteemed garage door companies.

    Staffed by competently skilled garage door technicians and experts, you can rely on their services, and that they will be able to fix your broken garage door cables.

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